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Stan Lee Day

Can you imagine what today’s geekscape would look like without Stan Lee? We shudder to think of it. Writer, producer, entrepreneur and entertainment icon, Stan Lee has turned comic book characters into essential parts of our pop culture. Just reading the “upcoming” section of his IMDb profile will make any Marvel fan tremble with excitement. Best thing about being the boss? You get to have a little fun, too. To celebrate his birthday, here’s a great clip featuring most of Stan Lee’s cameos in Marvel-based films.

Spider-Man Day

Spider-Man, Spider-Man….while you sing the rest of the song in your head, we’ll tell you that today in 1962, Spider-Man made his first appearance in the Marvel comic Amazing Fantasy #15. Creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko made Peter Parker noticeably different from the accepted superheroes of the day, in that he was a teenage hero without a mentor who had to figure everything out the hard way, from life as an orphan to struggling to make ends meet to dealing with a pesky juiced-up spider bite.

Parker learned and shared each hard-won lesson, including the most-quoted “With great power comes great responsibility,” although “Girlfriends will only bring you pain” should have been a close second. The classic storylines kept Spider-Man firmly against the wall, but we all knew he could climb up it like an angsty champion. True to form, the web-slinging hero has taken many jobs over the years: some of us grew up with him (and a very groovy Morgan Freeman) on The Electric Company, he’s been in countless cartoons, is occasionally teamed up with The Avengers or the Fantastic Four, explored his belly button in a trio of movies, broke dangerous new ground (and occasionally a few limbs) on Broadway and was recently re-booted back to his nerdy roots. That’s a lot of action for one teen to handle, even if he is mutant-powered, but we know the Amazing Spider-Man always pulls through.