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Mars Curiosity Day

The first semi-self portrait of Curiosity. If there were bathroom mirrors on Mars, we'd be seeing a lot more of the rover on Twitter.

Most of our geeky historic holidays are from decades or even centuries ago, so it’s a thrill when history is being made this very moment. The Mars Curiosity rover landed during the wee hours of the night, and the entire geek world erupted in applause, cheers and humorous tweets.

After the deconstructing of the space shuttle program, it’s nice to have something new in terms of exploration. NASA has pulled out all the stops by releasing the photos Curiosity takes as they come in, and even setting up a Twitter account for the roving SUV-sized paparazzi machine. If there is any life on Mars, they should buy giant sunglasses now.

Of course, there’s a lot more to Curiosity than cameras; the rover has its own geological toolkit, including items to drill, scoop, and sort samples. There’s also a laser onboard, but that’s to check what a distant rock is made of. Really. *coughlightsabercough*  Curiosity also won major cool points for hitting the planet in true James Bond/Mission Impossible style, dangling from cables on a rocket backpack. Take that, rest of the science world! Boo-yah!

As Curiosity continues to explore and wow the world, you can follow the mission on Facebook and Twitter. Celebrate today by keeping the latest info open under the PowerPoint presentation you’re supposed to be working on today.

Photo courtesy of NASA