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Amazing Women Day

Today would be Amelia Earhart’s 115th birthday, but since Dr. Sally Ride just passed away, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate them both.

Earhart and Ride were incredibly smart women who made history. Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1928, and she conquered the Pacific Ocean in 1935. She disappeared in 1937 trying to break another record by flying around the world, and her legend grows stronger every year as investigators attempt to piece together what happened.

Sally Ride came back from her history-making flight as the first American woman in space in 1983, and it was so good she did it again the next year. Her astronaut days were cut short by the Challenger tragedy, so after assisting NASA in finding answers, she went the extra mile here on Earth and founded a company that produces educational materials for kids (girls and boys) to get them stoked about science. She was a physicist, an astronaut and an inspiration to generations of little girls who watched her soar into the sky.

Appropriately enough, a third woman from the world of pop culture and TV has a birthday today: Lynda Carter, the Wonder Woman who thrilled us in the 1970s. She also inspired us with a sweet shot of Girl Power back in the day.

Celebrate our three Wonder Women by going out into the world and doing something amazing. Who knows? We could be singing your praises soon.


Today’s lesson: being first doesn’t always make you the winner. Today in 1975, the first VCR went on sale in Japan. It was the Betamax. Never heard of it? Ah, youth. The Betamax was the first, but the VHS format came quickly on its heels and won the tug of war over pricing and availability.

Of course, all those $30 VHS tapes are now stocking the shelves of your local thrift stores and flea markets while Blu-ray, 3D and the next big thing fight for the home viewer’s dollar.

It’s only a matter of time before Feel-A-Round becomes real, so celebrate today by boxing up all those Bob Ross painting videotapes you recorded and making room for your virtual holographically projected life partner.



Photo credit via Creative Commons-Flickr/Nesster