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Foam Rubber Day

You may not appreciate this day, but your tuckus does. Today in 1929, a scientist at the Dunlop Latex Development Labs took a kitchen mixer and some rubber and made cushy history.

The secret to foam rubber is that the mixture is 85 percent air, which gives it that soft, welcoming feeling when you sit down. Within a decade, Dunlop’s foam rubber was used in all kinds of rear end applications, from furniture to motorcycle seats. In time, it was adapted for use as insulation in appliances, home improvement and more. Most gamers will appreciate the fact that foam rubber and its’ descendants give their posteriors the ability to frag the night away with only some shifting and the occasional bout of swamp ass.

Celebrate today by taking a seat and enjoying the fact that those cheeks have something to sink into before they hit wood or steel. Ah, that’s the stuff.