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Free Comic Book Day

Today is devoted to bringing new fans into the comic book scene, and the range of free comic books is stunning. Depending on the store, you can pick up anything from a comic book re-telling of “My Favorite Martian” to Smurfs to Lady Death. For the full list of free comics offered today, visit the official Free Comic Book Day site.

Of course Spiderman and the other major stars of ink and paint will be available, but the most sought-out freebie just might be the Star Wars/Serenity dual issue by Dark Horse Comics. While the free comics are excellent, be a good geek and buy some comics too. Not every comic store owner lives on tuna like Stuart from “Big Bang Theory,” but they all will appreciate your business.

There will also be special events and signings in many stores, but if you can’t make it to a comic shop near you, ComiXology is holding a cool 99-cent sale on many digital titles.

No matter how you get your comics today, take pride in reading and sharing your geekitude today!