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John Venn Day

Born today in 1834, John Venn became a minister, a professor at Cambridge, a tinkerer and had a serious man-crush on logic. He wrote several books on logic and philosophy, but his lasting legacy was the Venn diagram, a method of visually showing the connections and results of different sets of data. He passed away in 1923, but his diagram, used for years in logic, computer sciences and other disciplines, has now become its own meme on the Internet.

While Venn received many tributes, including an obituary in the New York Times, perhaps the coolest is still available for viewing at Cambridge: a stained glass window (shown above) featuring the Venn diagram and his name.

Celebrate today by coming up with your own Venn diagram; extra points if it mentions geeks, bacon or cupcakes.


Photo credit/Wiki Commons

Flitch Day

If any family-minded organizations truly want to combat the 50 percent divorce rate, maybe they should fund this holiday!

Flitch Day started centuries ago in England as a reward for happily married couples. If you honestly said you both had been faithful and happy in your marriage, the monks would give you a side (or a flitch) of bacon. Yes, that’s right, FREE BACON! The harmonious (or ham-onious, if you like) duo would totter off to enjoy their well-earned year’s supply of meat. It’s like Santa became real, only he’s a marriage counselor who gives away food.

Celebrate today by serving up some bacon-y goodness to your sweetie and celebrate a year of happiness with a BLT, bacon cupcakes or even a bacon sundae. Mmm, the salty, delicious taste of togetherness.