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First Contact Day

firstcontact“I don’t even like to fly. I take trains.” – Zefram Cochrane

Today in 2063 in the Star Trek universe, Zefram Cochrane pilots the first warp-drive craft into space and attracts the attention of the Vulcans, resulting in Earth’s official first contact with an alien species. The future is all conveniently documented for us in the 1996 movie “Star Trek: First Contact” so we have something to look forward to after the zombies attack.

There’s a certain poetry to Cochrane hosting the uptight Vulcans at a bar while Roy Orbison blasts away, don’t you think? We can only hope if aliens do find us interesting enough to talk to without probing, the human race will do it with similar style. Reality suggests, however, that first contact will be tweeted by someone before the aliens set foot (or tentacle) on our soil.

Celebrate today by defeating the Borg wherever you find them and cranking the song “Magic Carpet Ride” until the windows shake. The video clip below is one of our faves for two reasons. You can’t go into space without loud music, and some of the switches inside the Phoenix were Trekkie in-jokes: two of them were marked TOS 3 and TOS 8 for the original Star Trek series, referencing the first time Cochrane appeared in the series’ 38th episode.

World UFO Day

Look, what’s that up in the sky? It’s World UFO Day!  Today true believers are celebrating the potential of the universe to sustain life out there. Most of them are thinking little gray dudes instead of water on Mars, but hey, who are we to argue? It’s about the amazing diversity of the universe and the possibility that someone, somewhere, caught an “I Love Lucy” episode and developed faster-than-light travel so they could record the whole series.

Celebrate today by videotaping whatever moves in the sky. Sure, it could be swamp gas from a weather balloon trapped in a thermal pocket and reflecting the light from Venus, or it could be intelligent life coming to earth and begging us to quit sending shows about the Kardashians into outer space.