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Sparklers for Captain America

Next week is July 4th, so here’s an early birthday nod to Marvel’s Captain America!

captainamericabday copy

Stan Lee Day

Can you imagine what today’s geekscape would look like without Stan Lee? We shudder to think of it. Writer, producer, entrepreneur and entertainment icon, Stan Lee has turned comic book characters into essential parts of our pop culture. Just reading the “upcoming” section of his IMDb profile will make any Marvel fan tremble with excitement. Best thing about being the boss? You get to have a little fun, too. To celebrate his birthday, here’s a great clip featuring most of Stan Lee’s cameos in Marvel-based films.

Captain America’s Birthday

Happy Independence Day, and Happy Birthday to Captain America! Steve Rogers was born in the Marvel  Universe on this day in 1922.

He was a stringy kid who was all heart, and he was beefed up to superhero levels by an experimental drug (although today they could have just used frappuccinos and steroids) developed during the war effort. Since he hit the comics scene in his own March 1941 title, Cap has served proudly as the patriotic symbol he was meant to be: he’s even survived an assassination attempt in which the entire world believed he was dead. After his supposed 2007 demise, Captain America’s shield was given to satirist Stephen Colbert, and it hangs on the wall of his set today.

Captain America, like any good superhero, comes back when he’s needed and boy, do we need him today. Luckily we got him back on the big screen last year, guns blazing (and he had some firearms, too) in Captain America: The First Avenger, and again this year in the fanboy-wetting Whedon epic The Avengers, which conquered box offices around the world. Have a slice of cake with a sparkler, Cap, looks like you’re better than ever.

Geek E-card Day

It’s Geek E-card Day! While we’re waiting for our tech nerds to finish the new e-card plug-in, we invite you to drop by Pinterest and check out a few new designs you can like or re-pin. When we are once again “fully functional,” we’ll have a caption contest with cool prizes!

Today’s pic is captioned by the lovely and paranormally talented Stacey Graham, and is available on the Pinterest board. Photo credit: Flickr/JD Hancock under a Creative Commons license.

Batman Day

Batman swoops down on an unsuspecting Gotham for the first time in Issue #27 of Detective Comics, 1939. No circus sidekicks, no movie Bat-nipples, just a rich man with a pair of tights, a can of whoop-ass and a dream.

Things have changed a bit since then, but whether you like your Caped Crusader light or dark, there’s plenty of Batman to choose from. Take a peek at the evolution of Batman in the above video, and see just how far he’s come since the 1930s.

Buck Rogers Day

It’s almost 2012, and we still don’t have those jetpacks.

This influential radio show hit the airwaves today in 1932 after the huge success of Phillip Nowlan’s comic strip. How inspirational can death rays be? They lit a spark in a young Ray Bradbury and brought about other heroes such as Flash Gordon.

Guess everyone wanted in on that Wilma Deering/Ardala sandwich, because Buck Rogers went on to star in novels, films, and two television series, including Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, which aired from 1979 to 1981 on NBC. Geeks of a certain age still have soft spots in their hearts for Gil Gerard, Erin Gray and even Twiki.

If you want to get back to Buck’s early years, though, you can still listen to episodes of the Buck Rogers radio serial online. It’s a slower pace of action than today’s smash-boom-angst movies, but these episodes are a mind-bending slice of history as you go back in time to hear them go forward in time.