Spider-Man Day

Spider-Man, Spider-Man….while you sing the rest of the song in your head, we’ll tell you that today in 1962, Spider-Man made his first appearance in the Marvel comic Amazing Fantasy #15. Creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko made Peter Parker noticeably different from the accepted superheroes of the day, in that he was a teenage hero without a mentor who had to figure everything out the hard way, from life as an orphan to struggling to make ends meet to dealing with a pesky juiced-up spider bite.

Parker learned and shared each hard-won lesson, including the most-quoted “With great power comes great responsibility,” although “Girlfriends will only bring you pain” should have been a close second. The classic storylines kept Spider-Man firmly against the wall, but we all knew he could climb up it like an angsty champion. True to form, the web-slinging hero has taken many jobs over the years: some of us grew up with him (and a very groovy Morgan Freeman) on The Electric Company, he’s been in countless cartoons, is occasionally teamed up with The Avengers or the Fantastic Four, explored his belly button in a trio of movies, broke dangerous new ground (and occasionally a few limbs) on Broadway and was recently re-booted back to his nerdy roots. That’s a lot of action for one teen to handle, even if he is mutant-powered, but we know the Amazing Spider-Man always pulls through.